Lorna Lea Harwich

Born in San Francisco California, Lorna’s dance career began at the early age of six when she was selected to train with and then dance professionally with the San Francisco Ballet. As a young ballerina she also became very interested in pursuing other forms of dance including Irish, Russian and other international dance forms. By the time Lorna entered high school she was already a very accomplished dancer.


Majoring in dance and music, Lorna attended San Jose State University and later the University of San Francisco. While attending college Lorna was selected as the lead dancer/cheerleader for San Jose’s 1st professional soccer team, the Earthquakes. During her sophomore year she was approached by a bay area modeling firm which launched her career as a fashion model for High Tide swimwear, Hang Ten surf wear and many others.


After graduating, Lorna continued her modeling and dance career. Upon moving to Southern California she was selected as the Artistic Director for the prestigious Kadra International Folk Ballet and then founded Irish Dimensions to pursue her love and passion of Irish Dance!


Irish Dance is an exciting and beautiful art form that incorporates all the elements of ballet, tap and lyrical dance forms. Our dancers develop focus, enhanced memory function, self confidence, leadership skills, empathy, integrity, self esteem, stage presence, self discipline, personal responsibility and a true understanding of the value of team work. Physically, as they progress, they gain increased muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and cardiovascular fitness.


  • “Baby & Me” - designed for children ages 1-3

A fun class which introduces young children and parents to the wonderful world of music and dance. Concepts include rhythm and movement, counting, basic footwork, posture, and games utilizing scarves, hoops, balls, ribbons, parachutes and more.


  • Introduction to Irish Dance – pre-school through early elementary

Special Soft and Hardshoe technique classes designed for preschool, kindergarden and early elementary age children. Students will have fun moving to music while learning the basic elements of tap, ballet and Irish dance thru rhythms games and more. Young dancers will begin L and R awareness, develop their balance and coordination, gain independence, increase their attention span, build lasting friendships and enhance their self esteem as they have the opportunity to perform on stage.


  • Core Series Program- beginning through advanced

Soft and Hardshoe classes in both Traditional and Riverdance performance technique.


  • Adult Irish Dance

Focusing on fitness and fun adults and seniors learn Traditional and Riverdance technique.


  • Stretching, Strengthening and Core Conditioning

One of the most important fitness classes you can ever take! This fun and exciting class is open to dancers and non-dancers of all ages. We will be focusing on stretching, strengthening and core conditioning exercises which are the foundation for overall enhanced performance, mobility, stability, and flexibility for all the activities you do.


Irish Dimensions

Fall Class Schedule

Beginning August 21st




11:00-11:30  Baby & Me 2-3yrs

3:30- 4:10 Intro to Irish Dance -Soft Shoe B (prerequisite- teacher approval)

4:15-4:40 Intro to Irish dance- Hard Shoe B (prerequisite- teacher approval)

5:00-5:45 Level l Core series–Soft Shoe

5:50-6:30 Level l Core Series- Hard Shoe

6:35- 7:20 Adult (non- performing class)



11:00-11:45 Stretching, Strengthening and Core Conditioning

4:00-4:45 Level ll Core Series- Soft Shoe

5:00- 5:45 Level ll Core Series- Hard Shoe

6:00 – 6:45 Level Vl & up –Soft Shoe

7:00-7:45 Level Vl & up – Hard Shoe



11:00-11:30 Baby & Me 2-3 yrs

3:30-4:10 Intro to Irish Dance -Soft Shoe A

4:15-4:40 Intro to Irish Dance- Hard Shoe A

5:00- 5:45 Level lll Core Series-Soft Shoe

6:00-6:45 Level lll Core Series- Hard Shoe

7:00-7:45 Stretching, Strengthening and Core Conditioning



4:00-4:45 Level lV Core Series- Soft Shoe

5:00- 5:45 Level lV Core Series- Hard Shoe

6:00- 6:45 Level V Core Series- Soft Shoe

7:00- 7:45 Level V Core Series- Hard Shoe



3:30-4:30- privates

4:30-4:45 Intro soft 7& up

5:30-5:45 Intro Hard 7 & up