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Who Are We?

Our Mission

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Who Are We?



            Irish dimensions is a community based performing dance group located in Upland California. Catered to all ages and levels, we provide instruction in a highly positive studio environment for students starting in preschool all the way up to advanced dancers! We are very happy to announce that we are celebrating our 12th consecutive year now in providing traditional Irish and Riverdance classes and look forward to many more! One of our main goals as a dance studio is to provide a supportive team environment with small classes and passionate teachers. Our unique dance programs include learning traditional Irish hard and soft shoe as well as the very exciting modern elements of Americanized Riverdance.


Our Mission

Our mission is to share the joy and beauty of Irish dance throughout our community as well as give our students the valuable opportunity to perform much more regularly than most studios. We are able to do this because over the years we have built many longstanding friendships with our local clubs and venues where we are invited back year after year to put on a dance show. This gives all of our dancers, especially the youngest & newest, a wonderful chance to build confidence as a performer in a relaxed low-pressure environment. Giving our students this valuable experience helps them grow very quickly and has been the cornerstone of our group since the beginning.

Performance Opportunities

Here are just a few of the performance opportunities students can expect to perform every year: The Los Angeles County Fair, Upland Christmas Parade,  Upland Women's Club, Ontario Masonic Lodge, Joselin Senior Center, Upland Womens Club, St. Anthony's St. Patricks Day celebration, Knott's Berry Farm, and Disneyland!

              As well as having a great time learning all of the diverse styles of Irish dance, many of our dancers have found long lasting friendships with their peers, increased their athletic ability, and most of all have gained vaulable skills in working with a team!


Meet Our Artistic Director

Lorna Lea Harwich

Born in San Francisco California., Lorna's dance career began at the early age of six, when she was selected to train and dance professionally with the San Francisco Ballet Company.  As Lorna continued her ballet training she also became interested in other forms of dance including ethnic and traditional Irish dance and was given the opportunity to train with such reknowned artists such as Madeline Green, Gram Hemple , Eves Moreau and Anatol Joukowsky. By the early age of 12, Lorna was already  teaching through the public library system and had formed her first performing dance group. When Lorna began high school, she was already an accomplished dance instructor, choreographer and performer dancing with many groups throughout the bay area. In high school, Lorna also excelled in gymnastics and music. Her accomplishments included achieving 1st trumpet for both her high school orchestra and the "San Francisco's  Honor Band". Additionally she

placed 1st in many high school gymnastic and trampoline events.

           Majoring in dance and the creative arts,  Lorna attended San Jose State University and later the University of San Francisco. At San Jose State she was selected while still in high school,to become a member of the San Jose State University dance team and cheerleading squad. At the end of her sophamore year, she  was chosen as a dancer/cheerleader for San Jose's first professional soccer team the "Earthquakes". While attending  the University of San Francisco,  continuing her advanced dance studies, Lorna was asked to participate in a photo shoot which launched her into a modeling career. Lorna actively appeared in many fashion shows and promotions throughout Northern California. and was chosen as a fitting model for "San Fracisco Gal" tee shirt company , "High Tide " swimwear and  the"Hang Ten "clothing company .

             Lorna formed her own performing world and Irish dance group "Kiddie Folk International" which actively performed throughout Northern California for over 16 years. Lorna was also involved in many theater productions and was the Artistic Director for Kahadra International Folk Ballet" Company. Upon moving to Southern California, Lorna continued her position as an Artistic Director for" Kahadra International Folk Ballet"  and then soon formed" Irish Dimensions". For over 12 years, Irish Dimensions has been providing traditional and Riverdance dance instruction for preschool, beginner, intermediate and advanced students.


Classes We Currently Offer

Mommy & Me Classes     Designed for children 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 .

A fun class which introduces young children and their parenvts to the wonderful world of music & dance. Concepts include rhythms and movement, counting, basic footwork , posture, games and more by utilizing scarves, hoops, balls, ribbons, parchutes etc.


Pre-School classes-Designed for for preschool children

A positive introduction to dance, designed specifically for pre-school children.  Students in this class will have fun moving to music, while learning the basic elements of tap, ballet and Irish dance through rhythms, games and more. Young dancers will begin to learn left and right awareness, develop their balance and coordination, gain independance, increase their attention span, build lasting friendships and enhance their self esteem as they have the opportunity to perform on stage.


Pre-Beginner Classes- A special class just for kindergarden children

A special class, just for Kindergarden children, which will focus on rhythm, music phrasing, and fundamental tap , ballet and Irish dance technique with leaping, skipping and foot placement as students learn to listen and respond to music. Dancers will have an opportunity to perform, build strength, improve coordination, learn to follow directions and establish a familiarity with music, as they begin to learn the foundations essential to dance.


Core Series Program- Beginner through advanced

Designed for elementary, high school, college and  adults, students will learn and progress with Irish Dimensions one of a kind Irish dance program, which includes tradtional hard and soft shoe skills, Riverdance training and performance routines.


Adult fitness Classes

Focussing on fitness and fun, adults learn world and Irish Riverdance technique .This class provides an amazing yet fun cardiovascular workout while increasing muscle tone ,flexilty, coordination, balance and strength.





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